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  • Social Media Marketing for Holistic Practices
  • Training on how to build a Holistic Practice
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  • Inspiration......and more

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Dear Therapist, Healer, Coach or Health Practitioner

I'm sure you would agree that Holistic Practitioners are profound healers with tremendous heart and wisdom to transform the lives of their clients—and to literally transform and heal the world.

Unfortunately, this natural healing capacity can't be fully expressed and shared when you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or unsupported.

Are you...

  • Working as a Therapist, Healer, Coach or Health Practitioner—leaving you feeling frustrated that you are not using your gifts to help more people and worried you might have to get a job working for someone else to make the kind of money you need?
  • Feeling stuck working at an agency because you're finding you deal more with office dynamics, paperwork and working so many hours that you're drained and overwhelmed, leaving little energy for joyfully sharing your gifts with your clients?
  • Struggling because you aren't making enough money—even though you are living your passion?
  • In school to be a therapist but feeling worried you won't be able to find a job as a therapist, be able to make the money you would like to make or you will have to work in a place that doesn't support how you want to work with clients?
  • Working as a traditional therapist, healer or coach and desperately want to transition your practice to a Holistic Practice but don't know where to start or what to do first?
  • Working at an agency and dream night and day about transitioning to your own private practice but are scared you won't be able to make it on your own?
  • Fed up with the hassle of accepting insurance, want to transition to private pay but are scared you will lose all your current clients if you do this?
  • Searching for a community of like minded Spirits who have a Holistic mindset, are passionate about their work—who are also ready to break free of the current therapy climate into a whole new way of working with clients?

Then you are in the right place! You weren't drawn to be a Therapist, Healer, Coach or Health Practitioner to overwork, feel frustrated and limited—you had a Vision of joyfully sharing your gifts—helping many, many clients heal and move from pain and struggle into Joy.

Shelley Riutta

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC
Six-figure Holistic Psychotherapist
and Founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy

Hi, I'm Shelley Riutta M.S.E, LPC and I used to be where you are. I began my holistic therapy career by following the same path most of us were taught, only to end up feeling the same frustration and limitation you likely do now, of not being able to work in the way that I wanted to with clients, not making the kind of money I needed to sustain a modest lifestyle and experiencing the drain and unhappiness of professional burn out.

Intuitively, I knew there had to be a better way! I invested years in learning everything I could about business and marketing, and even more importantly, learning what clients REALLY want. The result? I discovered an alternative approach to helping my clients (I'll share more about this approach with you later) and to running my own business that has created amazing results. I built a thriving, joyful SIX FIGURE (yes that's right— SIX figure) Holistic psychotherapy practice that I absolutely LOVED that helped hundreds of people create joyful lives. I was able to travel, attend conferences and invest in my personal growth and the growth of my therapy business.

And now, I'm ready to share with you the exact steps I used to create this type of freedom for myself and for my clients.

For years I have had therapists, healers and coaches calling me from all over the world saying "I want to develop a practice just like yours—can you teach me how to do it?" The answer was, "Yes!" While I enjoyed helping practitioners one by one, I quickly realized there were many more practitioners who needed my help.

Which is why I launched the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching (GAHP). The GAHP is designed to give you the same support I've given privately to therapists, healers and coaches all over the world.

The GAHP is the first and only professional Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching Association founded and run FOR YOU by a leader in the Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching field...a leader who is not only an expert at the Holistic Approach to therapy but also an expert on how to build a Holistic Practice that THRIVES!

Unfortunately, most training in psychotherapy and any advanced training in Holistic approaches does not include information on how to build a thriving practice. Because of this most therapists, healers and coaches are limited in their options: either work for someone else, usually for long, exhausting hours and meager pay, or, to risk starting their own practice but without any of the tools needed to be successful.

To make this problem worse, there is no training for Holistic Practitioners regarding their money mindset, leaving them stuck with an old, broken model that unconsciously and sometimes very consciously conveys that therapists should not be focused on making money.

How can you create a thriving practice if you feel like the more you succeed that you are "bad" or greedy for the abundance that is flowing to you? When you are following your Life Purpose it is the divine intention for amazing abundance to flow to you. Unfortunately because of these false beliefs—that making money as a therapist is bad—this natural flow is being blocked.

Over the years in my training as a Holistic Psychotherapist I have seen my colleagues struggle to get their practices off the ground, sometimes having to go back to working for someone else even though what they are offering is SO valuable and crucial in the world right now. Oftentimes I was the ONLY one in my trainings that had a flourishing practice. It made me so sad and even angry that this beautiful healing work was not getting out to the thousands of people that is was meant to help. This is my passion for starting the GAHP — to stop this heart breaking situation once and for all for both the amazingly talented therapists, healers and coaches and more importantly for the world that is HUNGRY and so desiring of this kind of Holistic approach.

This is a recipe for so much of the hopelessness and frustration that is happening for so many therapists, healers and coaches. The lack of support to build a thriving practice, the limiting money mindset about making money. Some therapists are even considering leaving the field because of this—or worse yet—not going to school because of what they perceive as such a difficult path ahead.

The GAHP is different because it is coming from a Holistic Approach that:

  • Views people as Divine precious Spirits—Spiritual beings having a human experience
  • Views people as already whole and complete Spirits who are struggling because they are disconnected from who they truly are—NOT because there is something wrong with them
  • Understands that Joy is our natural state and healing is about reconnecting with this Joy that is already present within them
  • Understands that Intuition is our natural guidance system in life and healing involves reconnecting with this powerful inner knowledge
  • Understands that Prosperity/Abundance is our divine birthright
  • Understand that true healing addresses all levels— Mind, Body and Spirit—and this approach creates the most lasting and profound healing

Other therapy and coaching organizations and associations unconsciously follow a traditional approach which doesn't truly align with the Holistic Approach. The demand and desire in the world for the Holistic approach in therapy means there are unlimited opportunities for therapists, healers and coaches trained in the Holistic approach and who learn how to run their business following this Holistic approach.

The GAHP is not a Holistic Organization that just talks about the Holistic approach but embodies it in every aspect of the trainings, education, support. The Holistic Approach is at the core of everything we do here at the GAHP.

Who Joins The GAHP?

The GAHP is specifically for you if you are a:

  • Therapist, Healer, Coach or Holistic Practitioner wanting to transition your practice to a Holistic Practice
  • Therapist, Healer or Coach wanting to start your own private practice
  • Therapist wanting to transition from insurance to private pay
  • Therapist wanting to start your own private practice
  • In school to be a therapist healer, coach or health practitioner and want support, training and community connection as you begin your holistic business or career
  • Business owner who offers services to therapists, healers or coaches —web-designers, virtual assistants, etc.
  • Therapist, Healer, Coach wanting to build a thriving practice

Your passion to be a therapist, healer or coach comes from deep in your Spirit and is motivated by a higher purpose to help others in a profound and lasting way. Join the the GAHP today and get the training, tools, checklists and more that will help you get on track with building the Holistic Practice of your dreams!

Holistic Psychotherapy and Holistic Coaching are the most in demand Healing Modalities on the planet today.

Thousands of people across the world are searching for answers to their struggles using an approach that values their Strengths and their inner wholeness. They are fed up with the medical model of therapy that treats them as sick and lacking—needing medication and surface fixes. People want to be acknowledged as the amazing, brilliant Spirits that they are and to be supported to heal at the core level so they can move into their natural Joy once again. Are you one of the pioneers of Holistic Psychotherapy, Healing or Coaching that wants to provide people with this life transforming support? Joining the GAHP will support you to be the Holistic Psychotherapist, Healer or Coach you want to be and develop the kind of Holistic practice that will help hundreds of people transform.

Let's take a look at all of the GAHP benefits that are included with your annual Professional Association Membership. These benefits will help you shorten your learning curve and accelerate your path to developing your own Thriving Holistic Psychotherapy or Holistic Coaching Practice and learn more about these powerful Holistic Methods.

Member Benefit #1

Monthly Marketing and Practice Building Training Call

Every month, the GAHP's founder, Shelley Riutta, will deliver in-depth marketing training, designed specifically for Holistic Therapists, Healers and Coaches, to help you accelerate the development and growth of your Holistic Practice. PLUS, when you join the GAHP you get access to ALL of the previous Training Calls!

These monthly calls will help you attract more clients, leverage your time, create the right mindset to have more fun and attract abundance in your practice, create an online presence using the latest Internet trends...and more. Calls are also recorded and posted for download within 24 business hours after the call.

Training calls are typically the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8 pm Eastern or 1 pm Eastern (this alternates every month)

Can't make the calls live? No problem: all calls are recorded; giving you access to this exciting practice-building information in the format that conveniently fits your lifestyle.

Sample topics include:

  1. 5 Mindset Blocks that are Holding You Back from Your True Potential in Your Practice
  2. 5 Tips to Use Online Networking and Social Media to Skyrocket Your Holistic Business
  3. 7 Steps to Create Your Client Attracting Newsletter
  4. 5 Key Pricing and Packaging Secrets
  5. 5 Ways to Use Speaking to Build Your Email List and Fill Your Practice
  6. 7 BIGGEST Mistakes Holistic Practitioners Make When Building their Practices
  7. Making Money is Easy: 3 Keys to Unlocking the AMAZING Abundance in Your Holistic Practice
  8. 3 Ways to Work With Your Spiritual Connection to Grow Your Holistic Practice
  9. 5 Ways to Address Your Conditioned Self so You Can Truly Soar in Your Holistic Business
  10. Three Steps to Raise Your Fees
  11. 5 Ways to Build Your Email List

Member Benefit #2

Periodic Question and Answer Calls

Periodically, Shelley will lead a question and answer call, focused on answering your questions on how to develop and build your Holistic Practice. This is your chance to ask questions related about your specific situation.

If you are unable to make the call you can email your question and Shelley will answer it on the call. The call will be recorded and be available for you to listen and download. Here are some of the questions that might come up:

  • How to transition my practice to a Holistic Practice?
  • How to hire my first assistant?
  • Questions about my web-site?
  • How to handle my fears when I take the leap to start my own practice?
  • Tips on how to fill my practice?
  • How do I get clear about my next step in my practice?
  • How to raise my fees?
  • How to create my first information product?
  • How to start using Social Media to fill my practice?

These Question and Answer Sessions can help you continue to move forward to create the Holistic Practice of your dreams!

Member Benefit #3

Downloadable Forms, Checklists, Scripts, Templates and More...

Your Holistic Practice should be fun and easy to run. To support your success, we will give you a variety of templates, scripts, forms and checklists to help you run your Holistic practice smoothly.

Here is a sample of the forms and checklists included FREE with your annual Association Membership:

  • Initial Contact Form
  • Self Care Checklist (feel free to use this with your Clients – they will love it!)
  • Step-by-Step Online Marketing Plan
  • 9 Principles of Holistic Psychotherapy and Holistic Coaching

Member Benefit #4

Online Networking and Community

What do Therapists, Healers and Coaches love more than anything? Connection! The GAHP is proud to offer online networking opportunities in the Members Only Forum. This is where you can ask questions, master mind, swap ideas and notes, support other members, create life-long friendships and be continually inspired by this beautiful tribe of like-minded Souls...and so much more! You'll love the support you give AND receive in this AMAZING community of like-minded Spirits!

Member Benefit #5

Instant Access to the Online Success Library of 7 Inspirational, Practice Building and Money Mindset Audio Downloads

One of the key components of The GAHP is to support your personal growth. The healing we are able to support in others is directly related to our own level of growth. Plus as you clear your limiting beliefs around money you open the doorway for AMAZING abundance to flow to you. The GAHP will be a wonderful resource for you to continue to grow and expand your own Spirit— so you are able to step more fully into the powerful Healer, Coach or Therapist that you came here to be!

To help you get started we're also giving you instant access to the Online Success Library, featuring 7 of our most popular topics you can conveniently download and listen to:

  • Trusting the Divine: Tools to Help Your Spirit Soar!
  • Taking the Leap: From Fear into Living Your Dreams
  • Letting Go of Underearning: Moving from Self-Sabotage to Abundance
  • Jump into Joy: Creating More Joy and Fun in Your Life
  • Jump Start Your Dreams
  • 7 Steps to Shift to a Prosperity Mindset
  • Breath of Life: Healthy Breathing for Relaxation, Increased Energy and Inspiration

"I want to take a moment to share with all of you how much I love this group! I've been in the coaching world for six years now - and I've been part of many business mastermind groups and professional networks. This BY FAR has been the most delightful experience of them all! The camaraderie and support in this group is exceptional! Thanks to all of you for showing up with your heart and soul - and for respecting and supporting each other in the same way you want to be respected and supported. And big kudos to Shelley for attracting such an amazing group of healers and creative leaders! Trust me, it's not always this way in many other networking and professional groups. This group is unique - and truly magical!"

Tina Games

Member Benefit #6

Web-Ready Logo You Can Proudly Display On Your Website

Clients feel reassured that you are a professional when they see you belong to a respected, Professional Association. Plus, your friends and colleagues take you seriously, often resulting in new opportunities, offers and partnerships. So that you don't miss out on instantly building your credibility, we're providing you with a web-ready logo you can proudly display on your website, in your online newsletter, on your Twitter or Facebook page and more.

Member Benefit #7

Beautiful, Printed Quarterly Newsletter Mailed Directly To Your Doorstep

Every quarter you will receive a beautiful, full color printed newsletter featuring member profiles, tips, articles, special announcements and more. This is a great way to stay connected to your passion and purpose, get informed about the latest news in the holistic psychotherapy field, boost your skills with best practices tips, be the first to hear about upcoming trainings, events and networking opportunities, plus stay connected to your GAHP "family."

In Addition To Each Of These Member Benefits, We're Also Including These Special Bonuses:


4 Key Checklists, Handouts Colorfully Designed, Printed and Mailed To You

To be successful, every Therapist needs to know how to perform certain key tasks in their business. We'll help you by giving you 3 checklists and templates colorfully printed and mailed to you for easy reference.

Handouts and Checklists included in this special bonus include:

  • Loving Actions for Your Healing- Client Homework Form
  • Money Belief Checklist
  • What to Delegate to Grow Your Business Checklist
  • Quick Start Guide to Running your First Teleseminar


Beautiful 3-Ring Binder

We'll ship you (absolutely FREE) a beautiful 3-ring binder, pre-loaded with handouts and ready for you to add your notes, monthly training call worksheet and action plans and more. You'll feel proud to carry your GAHP binder with you as a source of support and inspiration for you as you journey on your amazing path of lining up with the fullness of your Life Purpose as a Holistic Therapist, Healer or Coach.


Special Offer for Students

Are you in school to be a Therapist and you know already that you want to work Holistically with clients when you graduate? The GAHP is the perfect support for you so you can move into doing this quickly and easily—with all the tools you need to succeed right away.

If you are a student and join the GAHP you will get to choose between receiving a $50 rebate or $100 additional coupon* towards a future training offered within the next year by the GAHP. All you need to do to get the rebate or coupon is just mail in any form of verification that you are a student (for example—a copy of your student I.D.) and just specify if you would like the rebate or coupon.

*This $100 coupon is good for any training offered at $997 or more


Social Media Marketing for Holistic Practice Owners

Do you know what you need to get going on marketing your Holistic Business through Social Media Marketing? We offer training and support to get you started on using Social Media that is simple and easy. We are able to take the overwhelm of "What to do first" and chunk it down so you don't sit on the sidelines and miss out on the AMAZING opportunity of using Social Media

  • You will get a step by step Template on how to set up your Facebook Business Page
  • We have activities weekly in the private GAHP Facebook Forum designed to boost your Facebook likes and Twitter exposure. Not only will you get a big business boost from these activities, but it is also SUPER fun ☺

As You Can See, Membership Privileges In the GAHP Includes Training, Support, Networking, Marketing Opportunities, Tools to Help You Run Your Business... and the Confidence and Pride of Knowing You BELONG to a "Family of Holistic Therapists, Healers and Coaches" Who Care About You!

The GAHP is a respected, professional organization that gives YOU credibility, support, training and more. An organization that not only supports your career as a Therapist, Healer or Coach but also supports, inspires and nourishes your Spirit. Here at the GAHP, we believe that being a Holistic Therapist, Healer or Coach is one of the most valuable, important careers in the world. What is more important than helping your Clients reconnect with their beautiful Spirits and move into their Joy? It is the GAHP's firm belief that Holistic Therapists, Healers and Coaches are the leaders in literally transforming the World by supporting the transformation for each of their clients. Join the GAHP to Transform Yourself, Transform Your Practice and Transform the World!

Where else can you gain credibility and instant access to a wealth of training, support, forms, tools, checklists, templates, and more — all FREE — with your annual association membership, for just a few pennies per day?

As you can imagine, gaining access to high quality business building information like this is typically reserved for high-end coaching programs, at a cost of thousands per year. But, no Therapist, Healer or Coach should be excluded from getting the step-by-step information, training, networking, support and credibility needed to succeed in today's market.

That's why annual association dues in the GAHP are priced to work within even the most modest of budgets. In fact, I'd say just one component of your member benefits— the monthly training calls are worth $2000—which is four times the amount of your entire year's association membership!

How much is this information worth to you? One new client? One new Workshop or teleseminar program filled? Being able to develop a SUCCESSFUL Practice doing what you LOVE? Join the GAHP today and we'll help you take your Vision of a thriving Holistic Practice into a joyful reality!

Think of the GAHP as a monthly mini-workshop, for just pennies per day. You'll never find an opportunity like this anywhere else to learn the secrets behind creating a financially and spiritually successful Holistic Practice for such a low price tag.

Bottom Line Is This: If You Want To BE Successful, You Must Join Others Who Have Paved the Way for you to Create A Thriving, Joyful Holistic Practice—You Deserve it and the hundreds of Clients you will impact deserve it!

This Is Your Chance...What Do You Choose?

Join the ONLY Professional Therapy Holistic Association that empowers YOU by including monthly training, networking, support, forms, checklists, templates, credibility, accountability and more. BIG LEAPS in your life and income require you to DECIDE and TAKE ACTION. Today is the day to do so. Joining the GAHP says you're serious about making BIG changes in your business AND in your INCOME. So act FAST to secure your Association Membership now!

Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy and Coaching

"I'm very happy to be a member, only a few weeks in and I already feel like it beats any other membership I've had! I'm loving the audio recordings I've been listening to, it feels like exactly what I need to hear. I plan on listening to them for repetition value as well."

Jordan Prebys, Texas

"Yes, I'm ready to commit to making BIG changes in my mindset, business, income and life this year by learning how to develop and build a Thriving Holistic Practice!

As a member of this Professional Association, I receive a full year of benefits and privileges that include:

  • Monthly Marketing & Practice Building Training calls, each about 60-minutes long, taught personally Shelley
  • Periodic "Question and Answer Calls", to answer my specific questions about building and developing my Holistic Practice
  • MP3 audios of all training calls
  • Forms, checklists, templates and tools – designed to help me run my Holistic Practice more easily and effortlessly
  • Online networking and joint venture – opportunities to meet, share with and support other Therapists, Healers and Coaches whom I resonate and connect with
  • Marketing and promotion – opportunities to list my teleseminars, workshops, and programs; collaborate with other members on joint offers; receive additional spotlight opportunities on the GAHP website...and more
  • Online Success Library – Instant Access to 7 Inspirational and Money Mindset Audio Downloads to support and inspire me to release fears, open up to abundance and step into my Dreams
  • Web-ready logo I can proudly display on my website to boost my credibility
  • Quarterly beautiful printed newsletter mailed to my doorstep to keep me informed and inspired

Plus these valuable BONUSES:

  • BONUS: 4 Key Handouts printed and mailed directly to me
  • BONUS: Beautiful 3-ring binder I can use to conveniently store my templates, forms, checklists and my bi-monthly newsletters
  • BONUS: Social Media Marketing for Holistic Practice Owners

I understand that my Association Membership in the GAHP is for a full year. I understand I can cancel at any time. However, because membership is for a full year, no pro-rated refunds are provided. At the end of my membership year my credit card will be automatically billed for the next year's association dues at the annual rate listed below. If I choose not to renew my membership in this Professional Association I can request to cancel prior to billing and my credit card will not be charged for the next year's association dues.

One-Time Annual Membership Dues: $497

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Please be assured that this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.

Act now to begin your professional association membership today.

Love and Blessings-

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC
Six-figure Holistic Psychotherapist
and Founder and President of the Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy

P.S. What is one new client or one new successful Workshop WORTH to you? Don't miss out on learning how to make BIG changes in your mindset, your income and your practice this year. Join the GAHP now.